Engaging opportunity

It is our goal to deliver the magazine to every student in the state, from middle school through college. We believe the magazine has relevance to studies of history, geography, reading, writing, social studies, culture, and the arts. We know that deep awareness of the state’s unique assets contributes to an improved quality of life for those who can appreciate—and share—what the state has to offer. And by learning about examples of successful New Mexicans who represent the state at its best, students may be inspired to succeed locally as well.

By engaging with magazine content as part of classroom and free-time material, students will be exposed to the state in ways that would not normally be covered in standardized textbooks. It is our expectation that students would take the magazines home, sharing the benefits of state knowledge and pride with their families.

An essay contest will be established, with the winning essay to be published in the magazine, and others going online. This will encourage the students themselves to become engaged in telling the New Mexico story. The magazine’s theme for 2017 is “The Heart of NM,” and the essays will speak to what that means to individual students.

We'd love your help. Please contact Kurt Coey, our Circulation Director on (505) 827-6387, or email him. A pdf subscription donation form is also available.