New Mexico Magazine - October 2012


The Song and the Sword

AnnaMaria Cardinalli’s path from local musical prodigy to Afghan war veteran to opera singer has not been the smoothest road, or without pitfalls and detours. She wouldn’t have had it any other way. (more)


Smells Like Indie Spirit

Though only three years old, the SFIFF is attracting independent movie makers from around the state … and the nation. (more)


Untroubled Waters

It was once one of the wildest, wickedest towns 
in the Southwest. These days, it’s 
more commonly 
known as an artsy 
town of “Ahh . . .” Doug Fine visits Truth or Consequences and soaks it all in. (more)

IRMA Award Winner

Running With the Wolves - 2012 IRMA Award Winner

What is the place of the wolf in the West? Conservationists and cattlemen have debated this question for decades. Now, as the federal government considers revoking its status as an endangered species, Ashley M. Biggers heads into the forests of southwestern New Mexico in search of the Mexican gray wolf and some common ground in the midst of this vast divide. (more)